Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snitching on the Resistance: How 'celebrity' activists have set off a witch hunt against anarchist militants.

"Similarly, on June 27th, well known Toronto activist and writer Judy Rebick told a local news outlet that the black bloc should have been arrested… 'at the beginning before they had a chance to be part of a bigger crowd.' Later on the interview Rebick furthered the idea of "good protester vs. bad protester" with a twist: Now there are good militants and bad militants. The good militants just wanted to go down to the fence that was erected to protect the G20 leaders and the bad militants were the ones who smashed corporate stores and bank windows.

It is important to note that Rebick paid homage to the voting rights group the suffragettes, in her book Ten Thousand Roses. The suffragettes were a first wave militant feminist group who engaged in direct actions such as smashing store windows and setting off bombs.

More here. And here is the link for a "progressive" news organization in Canada that is publishing photos of "suspects".

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