Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amerikkkan Fascist Movement Targets First Nations Academic.

The jury in Churchill's lawsuit found that he was fired in 2007 in retaliation for the essay he'd written—and not because of research misconduct as CU's administration and Regents claimed. And they determined that he would not have been fired for academic misconduct in the absence of his essay.

But three months later, in early July 2009, Denver Chief Judge Larry Naves threw out the jury's verdict and ordered a directed verdict in favor of CU on the grounds that the trial should never have taken place. This decision was based on a finding that the CU Regents were acting in a "quasi-judicial" capacity—that is, as judges—when they fired Churchill, so they were immune from being sued.

Having thrown out the jury's verdict, Naves then went on to hypocritically invoke it—in a way that contradicted and cut the heart out of the essential content of the verdict. He claimed that the jury's decision to award only a nominal $1 damage award "compelled" him to deny reinstatement, because it would disregard the jury's "implicit" finding that Churchill had suffered no damages that warrant reinstatement.

Churchill would not be reinstated, and he was not entitled to lost earnings or a financial settlement. Read more here

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