Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pregnant Occupier Alleges Police Brutality Resulted In Miscarriage.

[The first 'soldier'  from Occupy/Decolonize Seattle to fall in battle against the 1%. RIP Miracle. - G.L.]

The Occupy Wall Street movement has recently come under attack nationwide, with police actions ranging from camp evictions to seemingly punitive pepper spraying of peaceful protesters.  Police officers are losing their jobs over their brutal actions against OWS, with the now-infamous "Pepper-spray cop" incident resulting in the suspension of UC Davis Police Chief Annette Spicuzza.

Occupy Seattle has seen its fair share of action, with the now-viral image of Dorli Rainey, 84, becoming an iconic symbol of the oppression this movement has begun to face.  There were other victims, however, at the pepper-spraying that took place on the evening of the 15th of November.

One of them is Jennifer Fox (above, center), 19, an Occupier who has been with the demonstration since it began operations at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle.  Previously homeless, she now sleeps every night at the Occupation, grateful for a safe place to lay her head.  She is not just here because Occupy Seattle provides her shelter, however.  She has participated in every march since the beginning of the movement and identifies with its goals.
"We deserve to have a change and I felt like Occupy Seattle needed more people to participate."

What's remarkable about the attack on Fox that evening is that she is three months pregnant.  She was the victim of several brutal attacks that evening on the part of police, to include being pepper sprayed twice and hit in the stomach with a cop's bike during the fray that occurred when police indiscriminately (and without provocation) sprayed protesters.  She was rushed to the hospital as soon as the Occupation was able to summon an ambulance, but she says that police prevented her from leaving the scene even though she told them she was pregnant.
"I shouted 'I'm pregnant, I don't want to get hurt, please let me through!'  They didn't cooperate."
She has since visited the hospital once more and received heartbreaking news.  On the 20th, Fox received news that she has miscarried, and alleges the miscarriage is due to the injuries she received during the police action on the 15th.
"It hurts. It's upsetting. I was ready to have a kid, because my family was going to support me in taking care of the child.  Her name was going to be Miracle."
Fox is receiving consultation with the Occupy Seattle legal team presently and will be deciding whether or not to seek legal action against the Seattle Police Department for the loss of her child.  One thing, however, is certain: a tragedy of immeasurable depth has struck the Occupy Wall Street movement.  If her allegation is confirmed, the inappropriate use of force against peaceful activists exercising their right to free speech has finally cost a protester something irreplaceable: an unborn baby.

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[One more reason that protests are NOT enough! The 99% must SEIZE POWER and PUNISH the 1%! - G.L.]

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