Saturday, December 3, 2011

Occupy Seattle Militants Seize Building at 10th and E. Union St. For A Hot Second.

From 6pm ish to 3am ish, the space featured in the video above was held peacefully, even with the presence of a few dumb liberals and a few remnants from the dictatorship of the self-medicated. 

We had impromptu food, general assembly, live music, and more.  Sadly, but not unexpectedly, Seattle Police SWAT came in through the roof. Most of us escaped via the main exit, plus additional "secret" exits we made ourselves. 15 people were arrested when they decided to lock arms and "go down with the ship", so to speak. They are out now. 

Big up to the revolutionary anarchist, Marxist, and [inter]national liberation/PoC organizations involved in this effort. We have shown that we can come together and make it happen. December 12th is right around the corner (lol)...

Wake Up, God Dammit! Decolonize/Occupy it all!

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