Tuesday, November 17, 2015

If You Willingly Support Amerikkka, You're Part Of The Larger Problem of Capitalist Oppression & Exploitation In Amerikkka And Around The World.

1. FACT: The United States was built specifically upon a platform and program of injustice perpetrated against entire nations of people in actual practice, despite any claims to the contrary. To this day, the United States oppresses the descendants of these same people(s).

2. FACT: The United States is a society in which everyone who pays taxes, pays for U.S. aggression, oppression, and exploitation within the United States and around the world.

3. FACT: The majority of migrants from economically-challenged or war-ravaged countries can lay most of the blame for the condition(s) of their respective countries on U.S. foreign policy, especially the period since the end of World War 2, to the present.

4. FACT: The majority of people in Amerikkka and Europe support their respective imperialist nations' oppressive immigration policies and generally hold negative attitudes towards economically challenged and/or war-torn countries. The majority of people in Amerikkka and Europe also largely oppose migrants and refugees from those places.

5. FACT: The majority of people in Amerikkka oppose reparations and self-determination for Black/African people in Amerikkka. This is a fascistic position.

6. FACT: ALL who live in the U.S. benefit from the privileges afforded by living in the "developed" or "1st" world, including those who live below the U.S.- defined "poverty line". A majority of workers in 'developed' or '1st world' countries, including oppressed nations, largely live as relatively privileged workers, or labor aristocrats, as compared to the majority of workers in the so-called "under-developed" or "3rd world" countries. This is especially true of workers of European descent (so-called "white" people).

7. FACT: This relative material benefit is a material and ideological barrier for a majority of workers in the 1st world (so-called 'developed' or 'imperialist' countries), including workers from oppressed nations living in the 1st world, more so than state repression (or the threat of state repression) or a "lack of revolutionary vanguard leadership" (real or percieved) to engage in revolutionary struggle to overthrow the current regime and overturn the larger global capitalist-imperialist system.

The majority, at best, at this time, still aspire towards 'the Amerikkkan dream': either a poorly defined interpretation of social and political "equality" with their oppressor(s) or an exclusively legalistic interpretation of social and political "equality" with their oppressor(s). 'The Amerikkkan dream' attitude, outlook, worldview and work ethic is largely opportunistic, reactionary, predatory, individualistic, and exclusionary.

8. FACT: There is a platform, program, and organization to lead the whole of the working class in amerikkka (and maybe the world). It's up to YOU to build it!

9. FACT: There are three (3) EASY ways you can you help this particular media organization (and a host of reasons why you should).

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d. To some degree, for a host of reasons mostly related to our activism, we are banned from most employment in amerikkka.
e. Projects we are involved in, beyond producing revolutionary grassroots media, include seizing abandoned homes and moving familes into them (we just launched this initiative) and providing consultations with [revolutionary] activists from Black Lives Matter and other newly emerging organizations.
f. We also cross-promote and participate in organizing efforts, such as http://www.outsideagitators206.org, https://blocktheboatnw.wordpress.com/, and http://killedbypolice.net/

Monday, November 16, 2015

Jamal Clark: Shot By Minneapolis Police. Over 1,000 Killed By Amerikkkan Police So Far.

Protesters have gathered in Minneapolis after a man was shot by police early Sunday morning.

The local chapter of the NAACP identified the victim as Jamar Clark. He was shot at the intersection of James and Plymouth avenues at about 1 a.m.

There are conflicting reports about whether Clark was killed in the shooting. His family and supporters on social media say he is dead, while police say he is alive and being treated at the hospital, according to KARE-TV.

Police told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune Clark was suspected in an assault, and was interfering with emergency workers trying to provide aid to a victim. He was shot during a physical struggle, police said.

But witnesses say Clark was not resisting arrest and was laying on the ground when he was shot, according to the NAACP.

Police said the investigation is still ongoing. Here’s what you need to know: [click here]

More here.