Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quick Reflection On Facts, Attitudes, And Trends In The Struggle Against Police Terror in Amerikkka (Part 2).

Wishful, idealistic, “magical” thinking still dominates this growing movement against police terrorism against Black people in the wake of the non-indictment of Ferguson KKKop Darren Wilson, Mike Brown's executioner.

Much of this “thinking” (lol) is coming from those who claim to be the leadership or the “vanguard”. Those who claim leadership today often use some of the same techniques and methods used by other groups, persons, and institutions that were influential in the pasts of many Black people; groups, persons, and institutions that are/were oppressive.

1. One example of wishful, idealistic, “magical” thinking: The slogan “It's about Mike Brown!”

When I heard this I wanted to say, “Really? Do you mean to tell me that the police murder of Black people and other non-white people in amerikkka started with Mike Brown on August 9th, 2014? Can you prove that, beyond a reasonable doubt, in front of a jury of your actual peers? You don't believe they wouldn't convict you of 'arrogant ignorance', 'political backwardness', and 'historical revisionism'...?”

Dogmatic, backward, and factually untrue beliefs and slogans like that undermine people like Leslie, Mike's mom, in her efforts to unite with parents like her from all over the country, who KNOW what she is going through. It is an insult to both the relatives of the deceased victims of police terrorism, as well as those of us who survived police terrorism. It is to essentially deny our collective struggle(s) and our role of deep responsibility in this particular struggle, one that has us as the most directly effected by the outcome.

2. Another Example wishful, idealistic, “magical” thinking: The slogan “All Lives Matter!”

No, s—t, professor; where you from, Harvard?

But, it is SPECIFICALLY BLACK LIVES that are being cut short by law enforcement (and vigilante) bullets, tazers, and beatdowns at this time, and this is what drives this movement.

This slogan serves as a continuation of the minimization of our struggle(s) and our humanity, this time by self-proclaimed “progressives” and “revolutionaries” who march with us. It is “left”-wing white supremacy; a type of small-scale social imperialism. Really, its amerikkkanism camouflaged with “socialist” and “democratic” rhetoric.

It was Marx who pointed out how “the rosey dawn of capitalism” came about; it was on the backs and lands of non-white people, specifically Indigenous nations and Africans. And we suffered for it, while they gained; their descendants are still gaining because of this [on-going] history.
Meanwhile, we still stuffer. We would not be out on the street in the cold in such numbers nationally if this was not true.
FACT: Black Lives Matter, some degree, to some people, in a context, sometimes (you hope).

Many individuals decry those with an “agenda”. When asked what their agenda is they say, “Justice For Mike Brown”. When asked to define what that really means, in concrete terms, in material reality, many cannot. Often they were just parroting what they heard someone else say.

Anyone who cannot clearly and succinctly articulate their agenda, that of an organization they are representing, and how that relates to Mike Brown (and all victims of police terrorism/murder), is part of the problem; a ghoulish amerikkkan voyeur of tragedy who craves high drama (at best), and needs to go figure their s--t out.

A practical program of action flows from a correct analysis of events and phenomenon, as does ones political orientation!
Many organizations view Black people as pawns to be used as 'muscle' to advance their agenda. We are labor; we are to act [at their command]; never to think critically, criticize them, or act as strategists in our collective liberation, as far as they are concerned.

It is for this reason, of many, that legitimate leadership is both collective and by example.

Just because one claims to be “the leader”, “the spokesperson”, “the vanguard”, “the mahdi”, “the prophet/prophetess”, “the messenger”, or “the anointed one” does NOT make it an actual, material fact.

Cultism, especially around individuals, the unseen, and organizations, is primitive and reactionary.

Sadly, far too many get involved without researching who's who and what's what.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quick Reflection On Facts, Attitudes, And Trends In The Struggle Against Police Terror In Amerikkka (Part 1).

1. The majority of amerikkkans support fascism, whether they know it or not.

Indeed, anyone who pays taxes of any kind does. This is a mathematical fact.

3rd world exploitation by amerikkka creates a situation in which even the most oppressed within the U.S. are some fairly well-kept sheep by comparison to oppressed people globally.

2. The rest of the world, specifically Mexico, France, India, and Burkino Faso are punishing their police, with FIRE and mass movements that are NOT there to be "seen and heard" or to "grieve government", but to drive out leaders--t and seize power.

3. The civilian review board in Seattle is a reformist piece of KKKrap toothless tiger. It is under-funded, all the appoitnees are hand-picked democratic party stooges, and ther board does NOT have legal power to demand documents from SPD; they can only review the investigations that SPD decides to do, and only the ones the SPD decides to release to them.

Additionally, one of its appointed members, Harriet Walden, was busted by demonstrators last night trying to essentially unite oppressed Black youth with the local police at a forum hosted by the police and the Seattle Parks Department.

You cannot be pro-amerikkka and genuinely anti-oppression (especially, oppression by KKKop) at the same time!

4. As someone who has literally fought the police, was found "not guilty", and sued successfully, I would appreciate it if folks would actually STUDY the issue, before commenting.

The more we re-ivent the wheel, the more Black people are killed by KKKops and vigilantes.

In short, "WAKE UP, GOD DAMMIT!"

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Black Misleaders--t Cla$$ Loves White KKKoporate Media.

"Like voting rights, what the FCC decides now about the future of ‪#‎netneutrality‬ and the open Internet will determine how we are heard in our democracy.

And yet, The National Urban League, the NAACP, and Rainbow PUSH Coalition have been some of the most vocal opponents of net neutrality.

And let's not forget about the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC), who has coordinated many of the participants in the anti-net neutrality filings sent to the FCC. Read more..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gotta Go Back To Ferguson!

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At the time of this writing, the Missouri national guard, along with the numerous law enforcement jurisdictions have been mobilized in the region under a unified command. Additionally, the Traditional Knights of The Ku Klux Klan have issued threats of terrorism against protesters. It is CRUCIAL that we get back there!

All Power To The Positive [dot] Info!
is looking to return to Ferguson, Missouri for much LONGER PERIOD OF TIME.

As some of you may or may not know, I have been invited back, once again, in the capacity of independent media. Like the Zapatistas of Chiapas, a recurring refrain from the people of Ferguson has been “the corporate media is not telling our story accurately”.

So, more than just marching in circles, begging the racist/backward/arrogant/indifferent for "justice", or loudly co-signing to what the astute say publicly to (or about) these political forces, I will be, once again, actually capturing even more of the voices (and music) of those the system seeks to segregate, humiliate, and silence; plus the usual "shake-a-hand/make-a-friend" activity that is the cornerstone of this work.

Some of you had the unique opportunity to hear/see all about it at the two presentations I did at Black Coffee Co-Op. Something you may or may not know is the additional media coverage (beyond the numerous pod-cannon episodes) I helped with; like Al-Jezeera America and The Anti-Media.

For those who are not familiar, All Power To The Positive! was first recorded and posted online in December of 2010. New episodes have been produced EVERY WEEK (sometimes two in a week), without fail, no matter what was going on; covering issues and events that effect working people from all over the world.

Today, we can be heard 24/7/365 on our new server at All Power To The Positive [dot] Info, and also on Stitcher, ITunes, Radio Rage, Hollow Earth Radio, UCY.TV, and many more.

But this only continue, and grow, with YOUR help! Please consider a donation to this effort. Every little bit helps. We rely exclusively on the generosity of individuals like YOU.

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Thank you in advance for your generosity and solidarity.

At the time of this writing, the Missouri national guard, along with the numerous law enforcement jurisdictions have been mobilized in the region under a unified command. It is CRUCIAL that we get back there!

Sensei Gregory C. Lewis

P.S. - check out this latest track by Tef Poe "War Cry" - (EXPLICIT).