Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today's Terror And Oppression Against Black And Other Non-White People In Amerikkka Is A Direct Result Decades Of Assimilation And Integration Into Domestic Neo-Colonialism (and Global U.S./Amerikkkan Capitalist-Imperialism).

 I fear I may have integrated my people into a burning house." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(1.) This bears repeating.

"Today's Terror And Oppression Against Black And Other Non-White People In Amerikkka Is A Direct Result Of Decades Of Assimilation And Integration Into Domestic Neo-Colonialism (and Global U.S. Capitalist-Imperialism")...!

Why does it bear repeating? Because it is a FACT! "WAKE UP, GOD DAMMIT!"

And the deep lack of understanding around this fact demonstrated by activists, by the general public, and even many of those most directly effected by global U.S. capitalism-imperialism, is hampering real efforts (as opposed to posturing) at stopping police terrorism, let alone any bold efforts toward real freedom, justice, and equality (revolution against capitalism-imperialism and all forms of oppression and exploitation) in our lifetime.

In the 1960s, groups such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) wanted Black people in amerikkka to have the same full rights as white amerikkkan citizens. This was considered the integrationist, pro-amerikkkan, 'basic democratic rights' and 'equal protection under the law' position. Objectively, it is.

Going into the early 70's, groups like the Republic of New Afrika (RNA) advocated a seperate Black and socialist state in the South. The Nation of Islam (NOI) called upon the U.S. Congress to grant Black people a seperate homeland. This was considered an oppressed nation-nationalist (both 'revolutionary' and 'bourgeois'), anti-amerikkkan position. Objectively, it is.

The Black Panther Party (BPP) called for a United Nations (UN) monitored plebiscite for Black people as a nation to decide what to do, as a nation. This was considered a 'revolutionary' and 'democratic', anti-amerikkkan position. Objectively, it is.

But, what did these organizations actually do? What happened to them? Of those groups who remain in some form, what is their political position (line) today? Interestingly, the subject of reparations has made its way back to the U.N.

And, more importantly, what of the political trends represented by these organizations among oppressed nations in amerikkka (or that of the white-led, amerikkkan settler-left organizations: Marxists, Leninists, Trotskyists, Maoists, etc, etc), against a backdrop of the actual material conditions right now in 21st century amerikkka, and which way forward in this increasingly dangerous period ("reform" or "revolution")?

(2.)  Collapse and destruction of the Black Panther Party; Rise of the Black Misleadership Class.

With the collapse and destruction of the Black Panther Party and other Black revolutionary and nationalist organizations, party programs across amerikkka were absorbed by pro-amerikkkan non-profits and U.S. government agencies. This development occured as part of the Counter Intelligence Program of the FBI, led by former director J. Edgar Hoover.

Similar programs still exist today, with vastly more coordination between local, state, and federal authorities. These programs operate along side U.S. State Department funded foundations, nonviolent activist groups like Oktpor outside of the U.S., and long-time nonviolent activists like Gene Sharpe within the U.S..

The term "affirmative action" was coined by Arthur Fletcher. Fletcher, a black republican WW1 veteran, was secretary of labor in the Nixon administration, deputy assistant for urban affairs in the Ford administration, an adviser in the Reagan administration, and chairman of the Civil Rights Commission from 1990 to 1993 (under Bush Sr.).

This policy was rolled out in federal contracts and hiring in the early 1970s. At the same time, then President Nixon and the FBI coordinated attacks upon the Black Panther Party and other revolutionary organizations all across amerikkka.

In cities like Seattle, local democratic structures created by Black people (specifically the Central Area Public Development Authority, as one example) were legislated out of existance with the aid and assistance of organized individuals from within the Black community itself (in this case, the now former Mayor Norman B. Rice).

These are the type of folks that Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report would refer to many years later as "the black misleadership class". Younger generations have referred to them as "house negroes","Uncle Toms", "boot-lickers", "lawn jockeys", "knee-grows", "gatekeepers", "foot stools", "Uncle Rukus" ( in reference to a character on the animated series "The Boondocks"), and "neo-colonial puppets". Also, "loyal amerikkkan kkknee-grows."

(3.) Material conditions in amerikkka must worsen for the majority.

Sadly, and history has demonstrated this, conditions must worsen in order for most to really understand who is who, what is what, and why that is; while still contending with ideas and ideologies, and their varied interpretations, which end up translating into the re-production and reinforcement of the social, political, economic, and cultural relations that led to intensified struggle against the state, its institutions, and its most willing supporters by the forces of anti-capitalism/anti-colonialism (anti-imperialism) in the first place.

Material conditions in amerikkka must worsen for the majority (yes, the middle class must shrink dramatically MORE; take note how much both republican and democrat presidental candidates speak of they will do all they can to PREVENT the shrinkage of the amerikkkan middle class) in order for rapid progress to be made in direction of dramatically improving the human condition in a radically different way.

It is through this lived, shared collective experience of struggle and sacrifice that political clarity becomes sharper and more vivid for all involved. The numbers of the organized politically astute, in particular genuinely revolutionary forces, begin to multiply exponentially (as do the forces of reaction and fascism. In amerikkka, we are already outnumbered by them). Necessity remains "the mother of invention" and we can expect this aspect to be a recurring theme.

On a more immediate, practical level, this "necessity" means more (and better) anticipation of economic and political trends, as well as in anticipating the moves of the actual political adversaries of the astute, based upon careful study (and better study) of both the past and current global social, political, and economic system(s), careful study of how they (our actual political adversaries) actually relate to and interact with that (and within that), and careful study of the actual effects of this activity on oppressed people in amerikkka, on the larger amerikkkan society, and on the global human family.

(4.) Both colonizer and colonized, are fools, frauds, and/or fascists to some degree.

Despite the great upsurge in [sometimes violent] protests, non-violent civil disobedience, and community organizing across amerikkka, especially since the murder of Mike Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, the fact remains that most of the populace in amerikkka at this time, both colonizer and colonized, are fools, frauds, and/or fascists to some degree.

To be clear, this statement (in particular) is not a cynical or knee-jerk emotional condemnation of a people or persons, but a sober, somber, scientific observation of a national population, of all nations, cultures, classes (but especially the working class), genders, religions, philosophies, and political views within a particular 'developed' or 'first world' nation, specifically the United States, who are clearly indoctrinated, intoxicated, bullied, bribed, and bought-off to the point of existing largely as a "..reformist, opportunist petit-bourgeosie that fears revolution. (Lenin)" in relationship other workers on the planet who are more deeply and more frequently victimized by this global system of exploitation and oppression.

There is a certain amount of dependency upon this system and its relative privileges, (both real and perceived); yet the benefits still outweigh the sacrifices in the minds of most. This attitude is largely driven by the actual material interests of the workers of the global north (so-called 'developed' or 'first-world' nations; including the United States, aka "amerikkka") in the moment, and in the near future. And all of this is culturally, economically, historically, and politically rooted (indeed, firmly rooted) in what Marx called "the rosy dawn of capitalism".

This is what many of the proponents of Black-owned business as a road to freedom sleep on: dependency, or rather inter-dependency; between them (as business owners and as colonized, oppressed people themselves) and the state apparatus itself; a largely parasitic, often abusive, relationship. Also, the mistaken and historically incorrect, notion that our businesses can simply peacefully co-exist along side white capital. Remember Chicago, Illinois ( and many other cities) in 1919? Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921, and many other incidents since that time?

They believe, and will opportunistically (and ignorantly) encourage the rest of us to believe, that they are somehow free from state-sponsored violence (like the police) and the violence of their kkkrackatopian neighbors, and they/we bear no responsibility for how their/our tax dollars are spent, simply by virtue of being a Black business owner (Lol). Worse, they never mention that the sales taxes they [willingly] collect, as well as their own personal income taxes, go towards the further exploitation and oppression of their non-white neighbors next door, in the next 'hood, and all over the world.

In the modern era, most victims of police violence receive little to no compensation. Black farmers were ripped off and discriminated against for years by the U.S. government. More recently, minority-owned hookah lounges in Seattle were a target of white amerikkkan gentrifiers, who demanded that police close them down. A recent article in the Seattle-based weekly 'The Stranger", told the tale of what is essentially economic apartheid inbedded in the process of licensing which may leave this particular Black business owner out of the recreational marijuana industry completely (other than as a customer/consumer exclusively).

Sadly, their customers/consumers, of all nations and classes, are not much better off politically.

They too believe they bear no responsibility for how their tax dollars are spent. Or that their existence in amerikkka is parasitic upon most of the world's working class. They place their own personal narrative above all facts that can be, and have been, scientifically proven (repeatedly).

This makes organizing work specifically for revolutionary transformation and the destruction of amerikkka, the heart of the empire, difficult. This also makes the serious, disciplined, focused, widespread mass participation of the working class of amerikkka, both colonizer and colonized, on a world stage, in a genuinely revolutionary direction (real freedom, justice, and equality for whole human family) impossible, unless (!):

1/3rd of the whole population [of a little over 300 million in the U.S.] actually becomes both materially and mentally "proletarian".

How will the astute know? We will know by how the majority survive, and act, in the face of of precedent-setting poverty, rampant illness and disease, a rapidly shrinking middle class that becomes more fearful, reactionary, and militarized with each passing moment, the breakdown of infrastructure, the public arrogance, incompetence, and repeated hypocrisy of (s)elected leaders and other well known public figures, and most importantly the explicitly articulated goal and mass activity by workers themselves, non-white/oppressed nation workers in particular, centered around removing the current regime in power, neutralizing the power of the regime's support base, neutralizing the power of other reactionary forces, and at long last beginning to accelerate the specific tasks of dismantling and removing both symptoms and root causes of systemic exploitation and oppression at a level and fervor that cynics, critics, cultists, and non-profit profiteer social justice warriors alike cannot conceive of, let alone lead, on their best day!

- Sensei Lewis.

End Notes (by section):

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h. Hands Up United
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d. “They [Social-Democrats] are just as much traitors to socialism… They represent that top section of workers who have been bribed by the bourgeoisie… for in all the civilized, advanced countries the bourgeoisie rob—either by colonial oppression or by financially extracting ‘gain’ from formally independent weak countries—they rob a population many times larger than that of ‘their own’ country. This is the economic factor that enables the imperialist bourgeoisie to obtain super-profits, part of which is used to bribe the top section of the proletariat and convert it into a reformist, opportunist petty bourgeoisie that fears revolution.” - V.I. Lenin.
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